sábado, 30 de enero de 2010

times of change

When all you do when you go out is buy some food and medicines,.. the sign of what is it??

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garbi24 dijo...

It's de sign you don't fine, but the best times are near, sure. Yes you can!!!Cheer up from here

Anna Voronezhskaya dijo...

The sign of your running out of food and medicines? Or of your being sick and hungry? :D

How are your burns?

Durazno chapeado dijo...

LOL things are not actually so bad, but that particupar day I felt a little old :))))

Anna Voronezhskaya dijo...

Honey, it's not just about the feeling LOL (I'm talking from my own experience).

Reading your other post, about cold and damp day, still can't get it into my head that it can be cold in Mexico LOL, i.e. I believe you, but it's just hard :) It's like I went to very hot California one summer with just one single long-sleeved cardigan, also rather thin, and was freezing my butt off. Incredible.
Apropo, reading about your freezing there and me knitting here (some shawls and scarf, actually), you want something from me? :)