lunes, 22 de febrero de 2010

For better or worse..

I am Mexican now!!!!!!!

Absolutely unexpectedly at that. Of course my papers have been processed for several months but I only went to get a paper from the federal police in the morning, and they were surprisingly efficient and gave it to me within minutes and (after some begging and pleading with the department director) EXACTLY as I needed it.

Having some time on my hands I decided to take it straight to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where I immediately found the lawyer in charge of my case who very kindly took it to the back to be added to the file. And shortly he re-emerged with my Letter of Naturalization signed and all!!

Sometimes stars align just perfectly and everything you touch turns gold. I think it is the first day like that ever in my life. Sure, there are some clouds in this sunny sky but I rather not think about those right now. Right now I am simply enjoying the fruits of my labour and perseverance.

There's gonna be a BIG party this weekend!!!!

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garbi24 dijo...

Congratulations for the papers and have you got a good party......

Anna Voronezhskaya dijo...

Oh, sweetie, congratulations and hugs hugs hugs! Selma is also waving her paw to you (she's a member of EU, so she doesn't have any problems, but her mommy is not yet, so she knows a bit about all that :)

And I have to say this is a good example of how stereotypes can be so wrong: of course one would expect especially in Mexico (sorry Mexicans, but even in Italy situation is crappy) things be complicated, slow, incomprehensible and all that. And look at that! So now you are finally the full Mexican hi hi. Could you keep your other citizenship too? (it's so different in different countries...)

Anna Voronezhskaya dijo...

P.S. Why does the Mexican flag have these colours?Couldn't they choose other ones? These remind me too much about the Italian one... :lol:

Durazno chapeado dijo...

Thanks for the congratulations, guys! I do appreciate it.
Now I have a bit more freedom :)

Carlos dijo...

A little late, but welcome to Mexico Durazno. I hope you're still enjoying this wonderful and messy city. You have a lot to see in the rest of the country.

Is there anyway to contact you? I got to your blog researching for some especific things about Ukraine. I hope you can help me with your experience.