lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010

Weekend in the City and salads

On Sunday I took a sick leave. The Thursday rain brought the rest of the defenses down and I only held on for the next two days to succumb to the cold. Funny, when you are self-employed you can't afford to be ill on a weekday, and most of the times you can make a deal with your organism to wait until a better time :)

Yet, despite temperatures as low as +5C at night, we are trying to take a daily walk, thank God the neighbourhood allows, and enjoy the city without its infinite rush and buzzle,.. I even discovered any tea-lover's paradise - "Teavana"! Extremely, outrageously, overpriced,- 350 pesos for 3 ounces (that's about 20 dollars per 100 gr) but not too many people here drink tea habitually, and after years of horrible bagged tea, I saw shelves and shelves filled with jars of any tea imaginable.. I felt on cloud nine :) Plus that frozen yoghurt place next door to it!... mmmm - heaven.

Also, I finally tried the Waldorf salad: lettuce, grapes, sour apple, celery, blue cheese, chicken and caramelized walnuts with the blue cheese dressing. A real explosion of taste. A bit shocking at first, but little by little you distinguish every small variation and start savouring it. Whoever created it, was a genius :)

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Hermes dijo...

And you just enjoy to make all of us really hungry... I still haven't found a nice place to walk around, so... congratulations!!! tk care, baee ;)

Durazno chapeado dijo...

hahaha! well, salads are easy to make :)
As for finding a place for a walk, it's not something one cn do by the method of trial and error here

Anna Voronezhskaya dijo...

After moving to Graz I realized how nice Uppsala was for walking... Already here in Graz there are a bit too many cars and too little (safe) space especially for evening walking.

I also have a tea paradise close to me now, though it's just a shop, but all those teas, and cups, and even some cookies :)

Anna Voronezhskaya dijo...

Hon, are you taking vitamins? The help a lot particularly against these small nasty colds, and I remember from your previous posts that winter 'over there' i.e. at your place :) can be rather humid.
Call me mummy :lol: